Noise abatement

We're responsible neighbours, and try our hardest to be sympathetic to others whilst enjoying our activities. For that reason, we'd like all pilots to familiarise themselves with our procedures before visiting.


GPS joining co-ordinates

The co-ordinates below use the WGS84 datum, and are provided for information only.

N52°04.532 E000°58.688 (EGST) Aerodrome reference point (runway midpoint)
N52°01.000 E001°00.000 (RAYDN) Raydon disused airfield (VRP)
N52°02.203 E001°05.918 (COPDK) Copdock interchange (VRP)
N52°04.183 E001°03.916 (SUBST) Electricity sub-station


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Noise abatement

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