Flying in

Flying in to Elmsett in easy! Whether it be for business or pleasure, the service you'll receive will be to the same high standard. We'll be more than happy to see you.

Airfield Information

Situated within the Wattisham MATZ, Elmsett enjoys a great relationship with our army neighbours.

Wattisham Approach will be more than happy to help you locate Elmsett - there are no onerous procedures.

All we ask is for a quick phone call to us for PPR, after reading the noise abatement procedures.

The grass runway is well maintained, and has runway edge lighting and APAI's in both directions, so you won't be tied to daylight hours.

AVGAS and oil is available, along with an on-site aircraft maintenance organisation should you need their services.

Customs Information

Al inbound and outbound foreign flights must declare their intentions to HM Customs & Immigration according to specified time periods before the flight takes place. For further information, click here.


Airfield Info


Stay up to date with the current weather at Elmsett via our live weather station giving basic information for your visit to us!