Event Fly-in information

On event days, the local procedures differ from the normal noise abatement rules. Listed below are the differences for those procedures for specific times on given event days.

No Noise Abatement!

On event days, noise abatement procedures are waived, and normal sized circuits and patterns/procedures are used.

Note: Non-radio aircraft are not accepted on event days.

Event day traffic arrivals should follow a standard overhead join (2000ft QFE) and standard sized circuit pattern (23 Left Hand, 05 Right Hand, 800ft QFE) at all times except during the specified periods below.

Brunch patrol arrivals 11:00L - 11:30L

Normal traffic arrivals not taking part in this competition must join the circuit direct onto downwind at 800ft QFE, and must not perform overhead joins during this time period.

For Brunch Patrol competition participating pilots: the objective is to arrive overhead Elmsett Airfield at 1500ft QNH, and announce this fact to Elmsett Radio without being spotted by the Elmsett defences before doing so. You must abide by the following procedure for safety reasons:

Elmsett resides within the Wattisham MATZ so blind calls to Wattisham must be made on approaching and whilst inside the MATZ, but outside the Elmsett ATZ. On no account must Wattisham ATZ be penetrated below 3,300ft agl due to gliding via winch cables.

Competitions 11:30L - 17:00L

Spot Landing and Flour Bombing competitions will be available for entry by any aircraft and pilot after receiving a full brief (CAA requirement).

Further details are available from "C" on landing.



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We regularly hold events here at Elmsett Airfield. To find out more and future dates and activities, see our events page.